It has been said that the most important day of your life was when you were born, and the second most important day is when you discover why.
I’m David DiGirolamo
Everything I do is deeply rooted in conviction. A desire to do things differently, and the audacity to believe that I’ll succeed. I’m a problem solver and a strategic dreamer. I see every interaction as an opportunity to create exceptional experiences for my clients, my colleagues, my family, and my community.

This Is What I Do

My desire is to challenge the status quo, inspire creative thinking and generate innovative solutions. Here’s how.

Experience Design

I’m constantly thinking of ways to elevate the spaces around me and create insanely amazing experiences for those around me. User experience (UX) and user-centered design principles drive everything I do.  Is there any other way?

Tinkering & Making

Everyday I find new ways to challenge myself to deliver innovative solutions, and I have a pretty awesome time doing it too.  I’m 110% committed to the end result and don’t shy away from learning what I have to in order to get it done.

Visual Communication

From branding and graphic design to motion and filmmaking, I’m all about helping those around me get to the next level.  I stay engaged and give it my all, no matter the challenge.  They say go big or go home. I don’t believe in the latter.
Nice Things People Have Said About Me
Pulled directly from LinkedIn, so you know it’s all legit.
And if they’ve changed their minds, the internet always remembers, and there are more.
“David was my functional manager in the User Experience Team and was a fantastic leader. He cared about my career and helped ensure I had the right opportunities where I could make meaningful contributions while growing professionally. He also never hesitated to provide honest feedback, helping me to learn and develop. I would work for him again in an instant!”
Benjamin Schwartz

Human Factors Engineer, Northrop Grumman

“I had the grand pleasure of working with and getting to know David as a student. Diligent, intelligent, and generally a wonderful gent, he was always prepared and eager to put forth his absolute best effort in everything within a course. His skill is uncommon, his humility and congeniality are unparalleled. I cannot praise him or his work highly enough.
If you are reading this because he has inquired about working with you, you would do yourself a tremendous disservice to hire anyone else. David is superb.”
Garry McKee

Senior UI/UX Designer, NNG

“David DiGirolamo is one of those people everyone likes — and rightly so. He is smart, skilled, and dedicated to providing value to others, whether providing graphic design, motion graphics, or other creative or business services. Hire him because he does great work — I promise you’ll like him. You’ll really, really like him.”
Linda Gutin

Speaker Coach | Copywriter, Amazing Phrasing