About Me

I enjoy designing the world around me. The sights, the sounds, the smells (yes especially those) are all being evaluated, categorized, put into motion and when opportunity affords, updated. Gotta keep things fresh and exciting! The status quo and plain vanilla are never good enough (sorry if you enjoy those things), and if there is a way to “plus it” I’m on it. I invite you to join me on this journey! Life’s too short to waste time on poor experiences and the same-old-stuff.

Professional Bio

As a senior user experience (UX) designer I collaborate with program, business development, and executive-level stakeholders to define product vision, craft compelling stories and design seamless, human-centered experiences through campaign level design and execution.

I identify and procure the internal talent, resources, and external vendors necessary to complete project objectives and achieve the desired vision. I lead multi-disciplinary software and creative teams who are pioneering the development and use of emerging technology in specialized markets.

As a design vision-keeper, I leverage my knowledge of interaction and visual design principles within various development frameworks and production pipelines to ensure a cohesive product design and exceptional user experiences to maximize customer acceptance and return on investment.

I have broadcast, film and visual effects production experience with Discovery Channel, A&E, Fox, and Paramount, as well as Department of Defense program experience in cyber, missile defense, nuclear command, control and communications, and joint programs.

Now that we got all the required items out of the way we can get to the real me.

I give it my all for my clients and colleagues, yet it’s being able to support my family and community that truly gives me purpose.

I take my role seriously, more so if it requires dressing up, and insist that those around me play along too.

I love to marinate and grill just about anything.  And I have a renowned steak recipe to boot.

I really dig these people.  They are everything to me.

I don’t take selfies often, but when I do I ask someone else to hold the camera.  Stay cool my friends.