Visual Communications

From branding and graphic design to motion and filmmaking, I’m all about helping those around me get to the next level. I stay engaged and give it my all, no matter the challenge.
Scallywag Studios Coin Design

Scallywag Studios Coin Design

Business cards are always fun to design, and something almost magical can happen when you network into someone worthwhile and you exchange cards.  But I find it almost disturbing that I have a pile of other people's business cards sitting on the desk in front of me...

Motion Design Reel

On average, 15 minutes in every hour of broadcast television is the work of a motion graphic designer, and that number is rising every year. I leverage my traditional graphic design background with my love of filmmaking and integrate the elements of time, sound, and space to create impactful motion graphics with a level of “polish” usually reserved for high end productions.

This video contains a selection of works. If you would like a breakdown of my roles and the software used please click here.

Logo Designs